Self-serving grape juice 
for serving a self-centered group.

I like to say that I was partially raised 'Fiddler on the Roof' style. Full of traditions. Every Sunday morning, I would trod groggily down our leopard print staircase alongside my siblings to have "Sunday Breakfast" with the parents, consisting of bacon, eggs, and bagels (if you don't eat sesame, we need to have a talk). Then, following a day of sloth, or occasional debauchery, we would return to the kitchen for "Sunday Dinner" with our close family friends. 
These are traditions that were easy to detest as children, and equally easy to yearn for as AITs, or "Adults in Training." These days, I find myself more and more the (self-designated) parent of my friend groups, trying fruitlessly (wine pun definitely intended) to encourage such traditions. During my summer in Old-Bay filled Paradise (Southern Delaware) the tradition was 'Wine Wednesdays.' We also decided early on to combine wine, with board games, in order to satiate our inner children alongside our adult exteriors. However, I discovered relatively quickly that most of my fellow board gamers didn't particularly care which wine I brought, as long as, you know, it had alcohol. I needed to find a wine for when I was the only one who cared what we were drinking. Or, as I like to put it: 
When you're the only one who gives a grape about the wine you will be drinking, and you won't be drinking most of it so it might as well be affordable.
  • The Wine: The Mirassou Pinot Noir 2014
  • The Affordability: $9
  • The Background: The Mirassou family is about as ancient as California Pinot goes, and by that I mean the mid-1800s. In fact, they claim to be the first winery to introduce Pinot Noir grapes to California. So you can check that fact off your quest for knowledge. More info here.
The Mirassou isn't quite as bombastic as some of its bigger brother pinots from California, but for it's reasonable asking price of under $10, it packs plenty of flavor. It's light on the nose, and the flavor is that of warm, stewed berries. There's a hint of oak to offset the sweetness, which rounds the flavor our quite nicely.
A bottle of Mirassou Pinot Noir contains seven glasses of wine. Johnny buys three bottles of Mirassou. If Johnny consumes Mirassou at an average rate of four glasses of wine per hour (GWPH), and his friends work feverishly at a collective rate of 12 GWPH, how many hours before Johnny has to weep tears of untold sorrows because he's out of Mirassou?
But what characterizes the Mirassou best, is its approachability. It's an everyday wine, for everyday people. And I mean that as a compliment. Each wine, in my mind, has a part to play. Whether its a box of white zinfandel, or a bottle of '61 Latour, there's always a time and place. With this being said, the Mirassou isn't a wine for deep contemplation or hard-fought arguments. It's a wine for light times, and raucously amusing disagreements on who truly won that round of 'Don't Break the Ice.' *Spoiler Alert* It was me.

Mirassou should be brought out when you want a pleasant, easy drinking, affordable red. One that friends who don't particularly care what wine they're consuming can enjoy for its exceptionally high drinkability. But also one that you can enjoy for it's honest-to-goodness quality.

The Recap:
  • The Wine: The Mirassou Pinot Noir 2014
  • The Price: $9 - That's a Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger with a small fries (if you don't get cajun, we need to have another talk).
  • The Pairing: This is an easy going wine that won't get in the way of the intensity of a strategy based board game like 'Settlers of Catan.' Then again, we chose to pair it with 'Don't Break the Ice,' which we discovered is an absolute blast for exactly 12 minutes.....What? Were you looking for a food pairing?
  • The Rating: 2 - Grab a bottle for your next friend-based tradition extravaganza wizbang.



10/11/2016 2:09am

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10/24/2016 1:39am

I don't drink wine that much because it tastes and smells weird to me. The last glass of wine that I drank was horrible. The taste of the red liquid stayed on my tongue and it didn't leave for a long time. Now, I don't know what good or bad wine tastes like, but I wish I knew back then.

11/02/2016 6:37pm

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11/09/2016 6:29am

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11/26/2016 12:07pm

There are lot's of peoples, who really cares about what they are drinking, i think there care because they are self conscious peoples.

Robin Renken
12/10/2016 4:20pm

Thank you for suggesting a perfect wine for drinking and enjoying, when geeking out over a wine is not the point.
I love your line:
"When you're the only one who gives a grape about the wine you will be drinking, and you won't be drinking most of it so it might as well be affordable."
There is no point is pulling out a fine bottle to share, if you are the only person who will really enjoy it. There are times to focus on wine and times to focus on people.

12/10/2016 5:10pm

We often have this discussion at home when picking wine for a particular evening based on the "care" factor. Even when we know people aren't going to care what we serve them, we still want to serve something that won't reduce our enjoyment factor too much. Look forward to trying the Mirassou, thanks for the recommendation!

12/10/2016 5:59pm

Wow, its been ages since I sampled a Mirassou! I remember having their Chardonnay which was a bargain for a wine under ten bucks.


This vino sounds like a great deal!

12/10/2016 6:18pm

I've seen this pinot at every grocery around town but just haven't picked up a bottle. I know what i'm taking to this holiday party full of beer chuggers tonight now!

12/11/2016 8:31am

Nice Post. I will have to pick up a bottle the next time I see it.

12/11/2016 12:03pm

It's hard to find decent Pinot at a value price point, so thank you for the review. I've seen their wines many times but have never tried them.

12/11/2016 12:11pm

"With this being said, the Mirassou isn't a wine for deep contemplation or hard-fought arguments." Best description of their wine yet. That and a way to cope with being stuck at a Courtyard Marriott in Des Moines, Iowa.

12/11/2016 8:31pm

Being a wine enthusiast under 30 (until next year), I can really relate to your blog and I love the breakdown. All I really care about is the pairing and the price point these days and you nail it. Interesting Pinot from Cali, I'm skeptical of any Pinot with hints of sweetness but I know that it does help build the body. 'll be keeping an eye out for recommendations this coming year as well!


12/12/2016 8:40am

I enjoy a nice Pinot Noir and the Mirassou sounds like a great buy. Perhaps I've been living in Europe for too long, but I always get sticker shock at the price of wine in the US. Finding something that is good for every day under $10 is a win in my book.

01/04/2017 8:48am

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