Guaranteed to soothe tempers, and win nods of ardent approval.

As Prince announced to the world in his 1986 sultry single, 'Kiss,' you don't have to be rich, to be his girl. Alas, we are not all such glorious, open-minded humans. There's a 'Cards Against Humanity' white card that touches woefully on one of our greatest fears, particularly us millennials:
"Getting married, having a few kids, buying some stuff, retiring to Florida, and dying." 
I love this card for the relatable kernel of truth that it touches on, which is as follows: The basis for which many parents seem to measure the successes or failures of their children is whether they achieve a monetarily successful career, get married, and continue the family dynasty (a word that you and I should both use more often). Now I won't go into a whole tirade about how, if you ask me, this is more than a little bit silly. That's not the point of this post. What it's actually about, is one of my favorite things: bullshitting.

I've met many a parent in my heyday. Some can be well reasoned with, others cannot. It's just the way of it. And sometimes the best way to get along with your own parents is to play their game. To show them the success they so crave, even if you haven't truly achieved it, or just don't give a flying fig about it. And what better way to generate perceived maturity and success, than by bringing, to your next family gathering that is, a bottle of wine? The drink so closely tied to bourgeois success, admitting you know anything about it is seen by some as evidence of palpable pomposityBut the problem is, you don't really have the income, or desire, to drop Benjamins, or even Hamiltons, on a bottle. Well brethren, I have a solution, and there's no need to 'make it rain,' because mops are expensive and nobody wants to clean that mess up anyways. 
  • The Grape: Garnacha (Grenache)
  • The Region: Aragon
  • Price: $9
First of all, lets clear this up. Garnacha and grenache are two different names for the same thing. It's like when you pronounce caramel "ca-ruh-mel," and your friend says "car-mul." Well it's a bit different in truth because your friend is a fool. There's another 'a' there, you dolt. Anyways. Whatever you call it, many people believe the garnacha grape to have derived from the Aragon region of Spain. Grenache is simply the name the French and English have ascribed to it.
No, not Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, but Aragon, a small region in central northern Spain. History nerds will recognize the region as the former location of the Kingdom of Aragon. Today, it contains over four billion square ft. of vineyards. Read more here.
The grape is easy to grow, easy to cultivate, and best of all, easy to drink. In fact, I have several wine nerd friends who affectionately refer to garnacha as 'liquid silk.' Simply put, it goes down smooth. Don't get me wrong, the wine isn't subtle. It's certified FAF (Fruity As Figs), and will pair well with approving looks from your parents as they struggle to ascertain where it was you gained such a nose for fine wine.

Evodia's flavor evokes some dark cherries and pleasant, peppery spice. It's hue is that of a deep purple, though less the 70s English rock band from Hertford, and more that of Prince's Purple Rain. Much like that God of Rock, the Evodia is classy, maybe even sensual, and exceptionally fruity. So when you're next craving a bit of filial affection from that good old pater familias (another term that should be employed with more frequency), throw this bottle in your bag. Inform your parents the grapes grow on one hundred year old vines that trace their history back to the ancient Kingdom of Aragon. Then take a deep breath, and savor their dazzled faces. Your mom's pork roast will never taste this good again.

The Recap:
The Evodia Garnacha 2014
  • The Price: $9 - Less than a 1969 Westclox alarm clock!
  • The Taste: There's plenty of fruit to go around here. Big, bold cherries, even blueberries. But folks, don't be intimidated by those "B" words. While it's rich, it's also a friendly fruit, not overwhelming. You can always decant it ahead of time for desired lightening.
  • The Pairing: The smiling faces at your dinner table as your parents nod in approval to your newfound maturity and clear success. As the saying goes: Red wine, success!
  • The Rating: 1 - The honest issue I have with this wine is that I don't have any left. Buy it, or regret it forevermore.



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I think success can be measured with the style you acquired in your few years here on earth. You can have all the money in the world but if you have bad taste, I feel it's pathetic. Your money can't get you nowhere and it will eventually dwindle. I have seen this happen before with lots of people. Style really is something that cannot be bought.

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