I've finally found the wine to present as tribute to a fearsome 
foreign 17th century Shōgun. 
You're welcome.
It's fascinating how a three-hour drive can alter your identity. Not who you truly are, but how you are perceived by others. Coming from New York, I'm considered a pretty average, skinny jeans wearing, man bun sporting, adult male. But upon arriving in Delaware three months ago, I seem to have evolved into Tom Zacharia - Lord of the Hipsters.
I can't count the number of times I've been asked, "But...what are you doing in Delaware?" This in mind, it seems like little coincidence that I'm currently deeply entrenched in James Clavell's 'Shōgun,' a romping adventure about the fictional English pilot, John Blackthorne, who after being marooned in 17th century Japan on an ill-fated cross-Pacific voyage, is forced to navigate the complex web of an entirely foreign culture.
And although Blackthorne's tale is one of substantially more intrigue and supreme swashbuckling grandeur than most of us can hope for in ten modern lifetimes, most everyone can probably attest to the following notion: There's nothing quite like being the new guy (or gal) in town. The balance of life is upset by your presence. Heads turn, postures stiffen, and lips tighten. I recently ripped up my roots for the first substantial time in my life, leaving the sleepy New York suburb of my birth for the worldly wonders of Southern Delaware (turns out there are almost one million people here). Alas, while it's taken more time than necessary, I've finally discovered a wine to loosen the tongues of recently introduced strangers, or else to present as tribute to a fearsome foreign Shōgun:

The Cotes Du Rhone Reserve Perrin Blanc 2015 
And you know what, for a moment folks, lets get winey up in here. #letsgetwiney
  • The Producer: Famille Perrin
  • Why Should You Care: For starters, the Perrin family founded Chateau de Beaucastel (a fantastically famous winery located in the Rhône region of France), as well as Tablas Creek Vineyard in California (a big name for any American wine buff). Lets just say they've been around the vineyard a few times. Plus, if you're the type for celebrity endorsements, look no further: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie actually picked the Perrin family as collaborators for their own rather delicious, but somewhat pricey rosé, Miraval.
If heaven were a sunny day, it would be filled with Perrin.
Alright we're done. Back to normalcy. #thatwaseasy #Staples
The Perrin Blanc is a blend of four different grape varietals, but the one I want to touch on briefly is Viognier. Here are a few quick things to remember if you encounter this grape while looking for Pokemon in the wild:
  1. When it comes to flavor, think of a wine with the sturdy body of the chardonnay, and the pear and citrus aroma of a Sauvignon Blanc.
  2. It's pronounced 'Vee-Own-Yay,' as in, We-Own-You, because cash rules everything around thee (though fortunately not this wine, as the price rings in at a reasonable $12).
  3. Much like 90s boy bands, Viognier wines are best consumed young. They'll only let you down later in life.
The Perrin Blanc, in particularly, is the perfect wine for drinking outdoors, midsummer, around 4 hours prior to 5pm (the wine ought to be versatile because you never know when you'll have to quell a stranger). For the taste, think sliced ripe peaches served on a warm summer day. It has a light acidic finish, crossed with a peach note that quite literally turns frowns upside down(s). 

But why, you're probably now asking, would this wine be helpful in a foggy, foreign situation? Well friend, thanks for asking, let me tell ya: It works for both wine novices and nerds. Those who are brimming to the bursting bunghole (that's actually a wine term) with wine knowledge will be wooed by the Perrin family name. Those who could care less what cold concoction they consume can simply enjoy it for the delicious, approachable flavor, roundly reasonable price, and your topical humor when you relate my aforementioned 'Vee-Own-Yay' joke to them. Take it, it's yours.

The Recap:

  • The Wine: The Cotes Du Rhone Reserve Perrin Blanc 2015
  • The Price: Sacrifice three Grande Caramel Frappuccinos from Starbucks, and you'll have made up the $12 it costs to enjoy this bottle. 
  • The Flavor: Peaches, tart apples, and a cloudless sky. That's where this wine takes me.
  • The Application: The next time you yearn for a refreshing drink on a sunny day, that's when you should consider reaching for this bottle. For maximum impact, share with tight mouthed strangers at a barbecue, or in my case, a neighborly gathering at the campground.
  • The Rating: 2 - You'll want this bottle, but not so badly that it creates an itch for daily consumption.



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01/31/2017 11:53pm

Being a stranger in a strange land is really hard. I once went to a place I am not really familiar with and it really made me sick. I don't know where will I be heading to next. I am so shy during those years and I barely talk to strangers so that's why I think I got really nervous before. Luckily, I found out that my friend is there as well and I've got the chance to ask him for some directions. Anyway, I still consider that trip awesome because I am able to go alone in a strange land.


You're not the only one who's experienced being the "odd one out" in a different place. I travel a lot a few years back and one the most memorable trips I went to was when I went to Japan. A really great country it is, what with their unique culture and customs. I noticed that the normal style I donned back from where was I from had locals' heads turning with blank stares. Might read that book you mentioned and taste that wine myself.

09/27/2016 5:08pm

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