Liquid revenge: Sweet, alluring, and best served cold.

Just the other day, I had a friend (who shall remain nameless) drop a statement that hit me right in the feels: They informed me that they did not like any white wines. Why? I thought. Such a sweeping generalization. It's as if I were to claim: "I don't like refrigerators. Not one of them." I know, shocking. Taking this notion into account, I did what any decent and caring friend would do: I spent the rest day looking for how I could prove her wrong. Publicly.
Since I'm currently riding high on the Alexandre Dumas train (right now I'm chugging through the seemingly never-ending, but devastatingly entertaining revenge classic, "The Count of Monte Cristo"), I'll start with a quote from the author: "All generalizations are dangerous, even this one." And while it took some thought (and even more well-deserved post-taste drinking), I've cracked the case (wine pun not intended, but accepted). For the friend who doesn't like (white) wine:
The Riesling Mulheimer Sonnenlay Zeppelin Richter 2014 (750ML)
  • Colloquial name: "The Zeppelin" 
  • The Price: $13.99 or less. 
  • The Taste: Delicious tart, green fruits, followed by a touch of sweetness.
  • The Pairing: Revenge is a dish best served cold, and so is this wine. And thanks to climate change, now you can enjoy it on one of these lovely hot winter days, with a book in hand, or with light meats and salad.
  • Daily Dose of History: Sonnenlay wines were actually served on the Hindenburg. So that's cool.

Because who wouldn't want to buy wine with a zeppelin on the label?
When I set about the task of finding a white wine enjoyed by just about anyone, my mind quickly drifted to Riesling. Being a somewhat lesser known variety, what, one might be wondering, is a Riesling? Well allow me to elaborate, briefly. Riesling is a white wine grape originating in the Rhine region of southwest Germany. Now these wines have a whole complicated classification system that you can read about here if you're interested and have an hour to burn learning impressive wine knowledge that you can then drop at an upcoming party/social gathering to seem both wise and well-cultured.
But if that's not enough to tempt you, suffice it to say that Riesling wines range from Kabinett (dryer), to Auslese (quite sweet). For this Riesling, think crisp green apple slices, drizzled with a few drops of honey. It strays closer to the Kabinett end, and has just enough tart up front to get you interested, followed by an easy sweetness that leaves you demanding the rest of the bottle for yourself. That said, sharing is caring, friends.

I love this wine because of its versatility. If you're like me, it's perfect for sipping on your porch under the warm Christmas sun while reading the Count of Monte Cristo. Otherwise split it with a couple friends before venturing forth into the weekend. Better yetas a wise, young, taco-loving goddess once uttered: Porque no los dos? Whatever you decide, give this wine a try. Even if you're not a white wine drinker, even if you're not a wine drinker, you might just be surprised. 
The Recap:
  • The Wine: Riesling Mulheimer Sonnenlay Zeppelin Richter 2014 (750ML).
  • The Price: $13.99 or less. 
  • The Taste: Tart and pungent fruits, slightly acidic, cut with enough sugar to keep you pouring.
  • The Pairing: Nothing. Seriously. Drink it by itself if you wish, in solace or in raucous afternoon and evening company. But if you are looking for a food pairing, try a nice sautéed chicken and vegetable dish, a green salad with feta, or my personal favorite, egregious amounts of fresh fruit. Also pairs noticeably well with tales of sweet revenge.
  • The Rating: 1 -  Pretty much however many you buy, you're going to want more.
  • (For a [super] brief ratings explanation, check over here)



12/24/2015 2:42am

Well I feel wiser and more cultured just having read this charming post! Thank you for the recommendation and the wonderfully witty post - such a super hero for introducing your friend to the wonders of white wine. Looking forward to the next one!

10/16/2016 6:24am

I am not a fan of wines. This is because I have no profound knowledge as to which wine to choose as a pair for a certain dish. Your experience regarding wines has now inspired me to go out and try one, specially a Riesling. I truly appreciate what you have said and I look forward to your next review.


I don’t understand why are there people who don’t like white wine? I mean, it’s the best of all! White wines have low calories and it is also good for the heart too, like the red ones. Wines have healthy benefits as long as you are drinking it responsibly, it does not mean that you should drink it every day, a 9 ounce of wine is already enough for you to take. Thank you for this recommendation, I would love to try this Riesling! and I would recommend this too to my friends who don’t like white wines as well.

01/28/2016 7:20am

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04/21/2016 8:22am

White wine is not liked by the firmed. It is the choice of the friend to choose the other wine. It is for the change and taste of the man. It is not disliked and not discouraged.

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